VIRTUAL Telehealth Physical Therapy

Find out more about our hands-on customized and unique approach to physical therapy for spine rehabilitation and bone health...


Learn the therapeutic form of Pilates from a physical therapist & nationally certified Pilates teacher with 20 years experience as a Pilates Teacher Training Educator...

Osteoporosis Programs

We offer individual and low cost VIRTUAL ONLINE Bone Building MAT classes DAILY using the ZOOM App!  Read more about our Osteoporosis programs and register for an online class ...

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We are closed for in-person visits. 

However, we are offering VIRTUAL Telehealth Visits and


We can conduct an evaluation using a visual postural and movement assessment and prescribe stretches, self myofascial release techniques and exercise to treat your musculoskelelal or neurological pain or dysfunction.

Wishing you abundant health, strength and wellness! 

Taking care of your health

VIRTUAL Telehealth Sessions

Find out more about our hands-on customized and unique approach to low back and neck pain, sciatica and radiating arm and leg nerve pain...

Therapeutic Pilates 

Learn Pilates exercises especially for posture, strength, flexibility and balance!  TheraPilates® is safe for osteoporosis, and the low back, neck, shoulders, hips, knees and feet!

VIRTUAL PILATES for Bone Building Mat Classes

We offer individual and low cost group Bone Building classes for osteopenia or osteoporosis.  Read more about our famous bone health programs...

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