VIRTUAL Pilates Classes

Expert Pilates Instruction designed by a Physical Therapist

VIRTUAL BONE-SAFE Pilates Mat Classes

Tue/Thu 12:00pm & Tue 6:00pm CDT

Teacher:  Dr. Sherri Betz

$15 Drop-In  $60 Pack of 5

Sherri will inspire you to get strong!  She will keep a sharp eye on your alignment and focus on posture, balance, leg strength, core control, thoracic extension, and bone-building weight training exercises to target the hips and spinal vertebrae.  Let's get stronger in quarantine!


Includes standing exercises and Pilates Mat exercises.  


Intermediate+ level exercise class.  Safe and effective for osteoporosis or osteopenia.  Please view "Bone-Safe Lifting Techniques" and "Gather your Props" on YouTube before the class.  


Thursdays 1:15pm CDT

Teacher: Michele Franzella

$15 Drop-In  $60 Pack of 5

VIRTUAL Pilates REFORMER Classes hosted on the ZOOM Application.  

50 Minutes of Reformer exercises in a small class format.  Michele will keep you moving in precise alignment the entire class!  Learn creative and unique Reformer exercises in Michele's positive and upbeat style! when you can't get to the studio!  


You must have access to a Pilates Reformer with either springs or bungee cords to participate in this class.


Saturdays 12:00pm CDT

Teacher: Michele Franzella

$15 Drop-In  $60 Pack of 5

VIRTUAL Pilates Mat Classes hosted on ZOOM! 

50 Minutes of beautiful movement which includes balance, posture work, core control, spine, shoulder and hip mobility as well as a focus on precise alignment.  Michele brings her attention to detail and her creativity to keep you moving when you can't get to the studio!  

Michele Franzella-teaching from home!


Mon/Wed 12:00pm CDT

Teacher: Michele Franzella

$15 Drop-In  $60 Pack of 5

Intermediate level exercise class using different PROPS each week. Michele will incorporate fun, creative exercises and transitions in surprising ways to keep you engaged, interested and challenged! Safe for osteoporosis or osteopenia. 


After taking Michele's class, a client said, "Michele had that foam roller ALL over the place!  I never knew what to do with my foam roller!?!?"

Props Include:   (Please view "Gather your Props" on YouTube before the class)

  • Foam Roller (6" x 36")

  • 8" Massage Ball

  • Elastic Loops

  • Fletcher Towel

  • Magic Circle​​​​    


Teacher: Dr. Sherri Betz

Mondays 10:45am CDT

$15 Drop-In  $60 Pack of 5

Beginner level class with interactive feedback and assessment of each participant.  We will focus on a different body part or concept each week. When participants sign up, they will be polled as to what pain or dysfunction they are experiencing.  Drop-Ins are welcome.


Class Formats and Focus:

1. Foot pain: plantar fasciitis, peripheral neuropathy, bunions, and hammer toes

2. Knee pain: Osteoarthritis, Patellofemoral syndrome, chondromalacia. Stiffness, difficulty bending and walking.

3. Pelvic Girdle Dysfunction: Sacro-iliac problems, mal-alignment, muscle imbalances.

4. Lumbar or Low Back Pain: Stenosis, Facet Syndrome, Disc bulges, Sciatica

5. Shoulder Pain/Dysfunction: Shoulder Impingement, Rotator Cuff Problems, Labral Tears

6. Neck and Upper Back Dysfunction: Excessive Kyphosis (Dowager's Hump) Suboccipital Headaches, Radiating Arm Pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Neck Muscle Tension


We focus on one of the 6 areas above each week. As people register or express interest, I will check in with each person to poll the group to see what we should focus on. If the class is small, it will be customized to each individual. No matter what the condition, it is best to start from the foundation of the feet and work our way up the body. However, I can give you tips to deal with whatever body part ails you no matter what we plan to focus on each week!

All classes are safe for osteoporosis or osteopenia.


Wednesdays 10:45am CDT

Teacher:  Dr. Sherri Betz

$15 Drop-In  $60 Pack of 5

Beginner Level Class for students who need chairs to sit in and are unable to get down to the floor and back up again without assistance:


Halt bone loss and restore bone mass! The exercises in this class will help to correct posture, strengthen muscles of the torso, shoulders, legs, and feet, improve standing balance and increase flexibility, all using exercise tubes and bands.


All exercises will be done in a seated or standing position next to a chair and using a wooden dowel for balance.


If you have difficulty getting up and down from the floor, then this is the class for you! Special focus is on using Pilates-based exercises to prevent osteoporotic fractures, make daily tasks easier and to incorporate FUNctional fitness.


Sundays 1:15pm

Teacher:  Dr. Sherri Betz

$15 Drop-In  $60 Pack of 5

Let Sherri help you to find mobility, relaxation and calm in the midst of the Corona Crisis.  Find a quiet place indoors or outdoors, or just put in your earbuds and carve out a space for yourself.   We will start with mobility movements to warm up the body in a gentle way.  Learn to use props in your home for self-myofascial release of feet, hips spine, neck and shoulders to stretch tissues and promote tension-release and healing.  Finish with an seratonin enhancing, cortisol eliminating, immune system rebalance.  Replenish your body, mind, and spirit and start your week in a much healthier state of mind....

Please view: 

Bone-Safe Lifting Techniques  on YouTube prior to taking the Bone-Safe Pilates Mat Class with Sherri. 


We will always start class standing with shoes on (you don't want to drop a weight on your foot!) and our dowel to practice spine alignment. 


Then we remove our shoes and continue our Pilates Mat work.  

Gather your PROPS!  View our home-made props guide on YouTube: 

PROPS for TheraPilates® VIRTUAL Mat Classes

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